Thursday, June 6, 2013

Shadow Goblin finished!

I finally finished up the 3rd of my Shadow goblins last night.  As always, there could be more to touch up and tweak, but I like him overall.

As usual, I've tossed up on CMoN.  I'd appreciate a vote if you have the inclination.

I also was trolling through the web and came across a blog that I will be referring to many times in the future, I hope.  It is called Bloggers for Charity and is the brainchild of James Brewerton.  He will be joined by 3 others to organize a charity event for two causes; Men Matter, a male cancer awareness charity and Help for Heroes, a charity that supports the service men and women and their families that have been wounded in the line of duty.

They will be painting an couple of armies to recreate the Battle of La Belle Famille during the French and Indian War.  They will be accepting donations during the year and are looking for help in other capacities as well, especially in the painting category.  The battle will be recreated at Triples 2014 and the figures will be sold off with all the proceeds going to these two charities.  If you are interested in helping out or just following along, you can find them at

James is also celebrating 3 years of blogging on his site as well.  He's got some nice giveaways if you pop in and comment.  You can find it blog here:

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