Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mini ADD strikes again

As happens not infrequently, I got distracted once again from my current projects by another project. I do tend to cycle through various projects and will usually have several things going at once.  This particle project is part of a group project at my LGS.  One of the guys offered up the chaos cultists from the Dark Vengence 40k set released earlier this year by GW for anyone to paint.  I picked one out and decided to do some conversion work which was quite fun.  I made him into the war band communication specialist and added a backpack with some antennae.  He'll be a follower of Nurgle, so will be nice and grungy.

I have another couple of items in the queue as well; another Reaper called the Hound of Judgement and a bit of pulp goodness from a new(ish) company called Blackball Games.  They took over the rights (if I understand correctly) to the AE-WWII line.  I will be doing a sort of paint-a-long/SBS on one of their American Rocket Troopers.  Should be fun!

The second creative event is underway over at Ian Newbold's site.  They are taking entries until October 31st.  It's for a great cause, so go ahead and enter!  You can find the link on my charitable projects page.

Goblinaid continues apace as well.  I think there are 43 goblins available for purchase!  They can be purchased individually or in packs.  I'm continuing to hold off as there are yet more goblins coming!  Again, check out my charitable projects page for the link.

I would also encourage you to check out Anne O'Leary's page as well.  She is in the middle of a very nice give away contest!  You can find her page at http://fortwitter.blogspot.com/.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trying to get back on track...

I'm posting on Tuesday like I originally set out to do!

This past weekend, I went to our local con called Recruits con.  It a small con geared primarily toward gamers.  There used to be a painting competition years ago, but that eventually fell by the wayside.  There was a paint and take this year that I spent the bulk of my time at.  It was great to see lots of new painters (both young and old!) coming to the table.  I was able to peruse the vendors in about 15 minutes and spent most of my time gawking at the various tables.

Here is a shot of the whole gaming space:

While at the paint and take, I worked on trying to do some texturing.  The preliminary results are promising, but I have a ways to go yet.  The sleeves are quite far along, the lower dress, not so much.  Earlier in the week, I was able to do some freehand work on the head dress, which I was fairly pleased with.

I am hoping to continue the texturing on the bottom half of the dress and do a bit of basic freehand on the sleeve edges as well as the black scarf thingy.  I need to practice some NMM and this is a gentle way for me to do it, hehe.
This weekend is Euro Militaire, which is one of the premier European painting competitions.  Each year brings loads of stunningly painted miniatures and I always look forward to see what the best of the Europeans has to show.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

More Kristianna WIP shots

Kristianna has gotten some more work done and is getting pretty close to getting the core done.  I'm toying with doing some freehand, but overall she is getting there.  Depending on the amount of freehand I put into the dress, I will fiddle with the blends/contrast on both the black and the red parts of the dress.


A quick congratulations to David Powell for his BoS win at the Capital Palette in Washington, D.C. last weekend.  Well deserved win for his outstanding hockey player piece!  He won himself a trip to the Crystal Brush next year. You can find a detailed collection of pictures at http://www.flickr.com/photos/novaopen/sets/.

This weekend is Recruits Con, our local con.  I'll be attending this year and am planning on getting some shots as well as a bit of paint time in.  It is a fairly small affair, mostly for gamers.  There is a paint and take, but no formal paint contest, unfortunately.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Small update

Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to paint this week.  I am hoping to make up for that in the upcoming week.  I was able to make good progress in Kristianna's face, though.