Saturday, May 11, 2013

The shelf of shame

If have been painting for any length of time, chances are very good you've accumulated a shelf of shame.  Mine goes back for years... There are various reasons why this happens, but the majority of the time it boils down to my incredibly slow painting coupled with the constant barrage of new, shiny miniatures that pop up.  Over the past year or two, I have really tried to curtail my spending and finish what I start.  I have cleared a few off the shelf, but most quietly wait for me to find inspiration once again.  Here is a sampling of what I have left unfinished.

Scibor Dwarf:

I started this guy as one of my first forays into NMM.  The axe blade was my first go at Steel NMM.  I think I did a reasonably good job with the range of contrast, although now that a few *ahem* years has gone by, I need to take the highlights up even further and a bit of color in the midtone range would be nice.  The NMM gold quickly overwhelmed me--the filigree was too complicated and the project quickly stalled.  If (I mean when) I give NMM gold another try, I'll start with some simpler designs.

AOBR Orc Boss:


Da Boss is a few years old as well. I started out strong and rapidly created a nice scratch built base for him. After that...well I didn't like how he sat on the base after looking at it more. The base may be utilized for another mini in the future, but I don't think the boss will see any more paint until I design another base I like better for him.
Reaper Muskateer Mouseling:

Not sure what happened here.  I picked him out for a quick paint job since he is such a tiny thing.  I guess it took longer than anticipated and something new came along.
Reaper Drummer:

This was originally intended to be a gift for a coworker, but I had difficulty finding the motivation to complete him and he subsequently took another job, which dropped my motivation even further...
Reaper Tigerian:

This one was a victim of ReaperCon 2013.  When I found out I was going to ReaperCon this year, I dropped this project to begin that one.  Unlike most of the shelf, he actually has a reasonable possibility to being revived.  Now that ReaperCon is over, I have been toying with getting back at him.  Unfortunately for him, I may go to GenCon this year and I have some ideas for that...

But enough for the somber musings of half painted miniatures.  I would like to welcome Paradox0n to the blog!  I took a quick look over at his blog at  He has some nice tutorials over there as well as some handy reviews that I'll be looking into later.  Thanks, Paradox0n!
And welcome to all the others that are following along but keeping a low profile :)


  1. Oh the shelf of shame. Yeah I know that very good *looks at his big pile of half painted things*

    Thanks for mentioning me. I thought the same with your tutorials. I love tutorials! And your painting. Hope you'll have some more follower and visits in the near future.

  2. Yes, that shelf of shame is deep--and in a 2-painter house, I think we have more unfinished paintjobs between us than completed ones. One of my goals for this year is to try to increase my rate of completion on models, which will require me to find a way to paint just a bit faster--and may bring some of those models off the shelf o'shame.

  3. @Paradox0n--glad to help out another blogger! Glad you liked the tutorials; it's nice that there are so many folks out there willing to share what they've learned.

    @Nissiana--Double the paint, double the shelf...but also double the completions!