Monday, May 13, 2013

Something NEW?!

Yes, it's true!  The paint room is nearly assembled and the blog is up and running.  I've started out with a bit of conversion work, just for the fun of it.  I was fortunate to win a WH 40K CSM battle box a while back and have slowly been getting them off the sprues and assembling them.  I've always liked Nurgle for the conversion possibilities.  A few years ago I did a squad of old school metal plague marines and their lord:

I have started another 7 man squad and am planning to stick with the plague marine look; bloated bellies with tubes here and there.  Still have some scratches to do as well as add the shoulder guards.  Depending on my attention span, I may add some GS buboes/pustules or some more tentacles.

Finally a warm welcome to MinipainterJen!  Her blog can be found at  She has been blogging since late in 2012 and covers a wide range of topics.  This month alone, she has painted a Reaper ghostly feminine figure, a GW tank, and a Dark Sword assassin.  The other thing I like (and will hope to mimic) is that she is constantly experimenting.  She puts both her successes and failures, as well as her thoughts as to why they were successes or failures out there for the rest of the web to learn from.  Well worth a look!


  1. I wish my plagues looked that good :)
    can I borrow some of your conversion skills or do I need to eat your brain? :)