Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Is it Tuesday already?

Wow, last week sure went by fast.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a lot of painting done this week, although I made some progress on the goblin and the hound (more on that later).  I've also done some prep work on The Hound from Darksword miniatures.

Welcome to the two newest members, Talespinner and Quidamcorvus!

Talespinner has been a long time forum friend over at the Reaper forums that I had the great pleasure of meeting at Reaper Con this year.  He is an excellent painter, but over the past couple of years has turned his attention to the sculpting side of the hobby and is now one of the up and coming sculptors in the industry, getting a number of his pieces picked up by Reaper.  He is also available for some free lance work I believe and can be found at his website at http://www.talespinnerminis.com/.

Quidamcorvus is a prolific painter from Poland.  He favors GW fantasy from what I have seen over at his website.  He is also working on a modification of Warhammer Fantasy by GW in which he takes the combatants to the skirmish level in a fashion similar to Mordheim.  He calls this new mixture Warheim Fantasy Skirmish.  Very cool!  Be sure and check out his blog at http://quidamcorvus.blogspot.com/

What else...Wyrd has released it's 6th issue of the Wyrd Chronicles.  Another fine issue with lots of fluff and another stellar painting article by Mark Rodgers.  You can find it here: http://www.malifaux.com/Downloads.php

The folks over at Platoon Britannica are starting another contest.  This one is called "Heresy be Dragons" and will be to support Heresy Miniatures.  You can find out all the details at http://www.platoonbritannica.com/index.php?threads/heresy-be-dragons-the-rules.2837/#post-47184

Now for my blog of the week by one Mr. James Wappel.  I stumbled across this blog earlier this year and it rapidly became one of my favorites.  Mr. Wappel is an multi award winner painter that began as a 2D artist that made the transition to miniatures.  He is an extraordinarily fast painter (and blogger for that matter!).  He loves to teach and his blog is loaded with quick how-to's as he goes along.  He will post nearly daily and not infrequently several times a day.  He finished up a kickstarter earlier this year and should be putting out a series of painting DVD's on a wide range of topics.  He is well worth a visit and can be found at http://wappellious.blogspot.com/

So what I have I been up to this past week?  Like I said, not painting as much as I would like, but did make some more progress on the goblin.  Here is the final WIP, I think.

A few more touch ups here and there, perhaps another highlight and a bit more work on the base and he'll be done.
I've also done a bit more freehand on the hound.  You can see I put down the cracks initially in VMC Ivory.  I find that the Ivory covers well over black in just a couple of passes and it makes it much easier to put down the subsequent red/orange/yellow.


  1. Not painting much these past couple of weeks myself, but still lurking around and living vicariously through others. The freehand on that hound is coming along nicely!

  2. Yes, there is always time to do a bit surfing. I love having the internet on my phone...