Sunday, June 9, 2013

Quick step by step

Now that the goblin is done and dusted, I've turned my full attention to the hound.  Here's a quick step by step on how I am doing to cracked, lava skin.  Nothing ground breaking here, just applied to a model I've not seen it done on before.

Over a black basecoat, I laid out my initial cracks.  I used VMC Ivory here, which I've found does a good job of covering black without have to put it down 15 times.  As you can see, the initial pass just get everything roughly in place.  I then went back and thinned down the cracks a bit to get them sharper and and more to the scale I was going after.  The Ivory also provides a nice base to work the red/orange/yellow off of.  Trying to get it bright over black would be tough.

Next I added RMC Big Top Red.  It's a nice, dark red, but unfortunately I think might have only been available during ReaperCon this year.  I followed this up by covering nearly everything with RMC Magma Red which is a nice bright orangy-red.  I finished this by once again thinning and sharpening the lines.
Now we start to really get that hot lava look that I am shooting for.  I took some RMS Lava Orange (good choice, eh?) and picked out some of the hotter areas.  I then took some Reaper Pro Paint Sunlight Yellow and picked out some smaller areas and finally VMC white for the brightest hotspots.
I think this comes off nicely, but I would be interested to see the same effect with some of those fluorescent pigments/paints out there.
I've got more cracking to do and will be extending it further down the legs, up towards the head and onto the tail as well, but I wanted to get this out for you all to see.


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