Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Chaos WIP #3 and Kristianna's Base

Got a bit more done on the cultist and essentially completed the gaming base for Kristianna.

The trench coat is just based at this point.  I've weathered the metallics on the backpack and done some preliminary work on the blacks of the rifle and backpack.  It was initially based with straight black.  I have added some RMS Stormy Gray for preliminary highlighting, but will take it up considerably to white or nearly so for the edging. I'm pleased with the start of the symbol of Nurgle on the hood, although this is just a warm up.  I need to clean it up a bit, but I don't think it needs to be perfect--this is Nurgle and this is chaos!  I'll also start the weathering of the hood, which will add to it.  The blood splatters will be added once the model is finished.  Tamiya Clear Red is awesome stuff, but if you varnish over it, the effect really gets lost.  I'll likely do something more elaborate on the trench coat one I get it shaded/highlighted to my satisfaction.

The gaming base was a bit of cork with the front edges trimmed back with pliers, some scattered dirt along the those edges to "smooth" out the cork and a few pieces of static grass clumps from Army Painter.  The red flowers help to "tie" the model to the base and are Grass Tufts with Blossoms from Noch.

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