Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Completed Hound of Judgement

Well, it took me a bit longer than anticipated, but I finally finished up the hound.  The base was left intentionally plain as the guy I am painting it for has some static grass across all his bases and I left that last part of the basing to him.  The insignia on the flank of the hound was one of his design and again is present across all the units in his army--I think it is pretty cool looking. I tried to add a bit of flesh color to the white--it's tough to capture in the pic and will be next to impossible to see on the gaming table, but I know it's there. :)

This past weekend was a very good one for competition miniature painting.  The Polish competition, Hussar 2013, is done and dusted.  The quality there looks outstanding by all accounts.  Congrats to Stefan Johnnson for the win!

Martin Goumaz (Dreamit Miniatures) took home the Slayer Sword with a wonderful skeleton at the Italian GW.  Much controversy ensued, but it does often after each GW... Congratulations, Martin!

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