Sunday, August 4, 2013

Let the metallics begin

I've made more progress on the mummy.  Much of it is just basecoated, but at this point I've got the mini covered with paint.  I've sprayed some Dullcoat on him to "save" my paint job.  This helps with accidental bumping and minor chipping during the remainder of the paint job.  I'll do this in anticipation for adding the metallics.  I try not to add much Dullcoat over the metallics as it really tones down the reflectivity (as it should).  Sometimes I will put down my metallic basecoat and preliminary shading, then go ahead and add the Dullcoat, finished up with adding another very thin layer of the basecoat and the highlights to bring back the reflectivity of the metallics.

The skin has begun to get some additional work.  I started with RMS Dark Skin, shaded with a mixture of Dark Skin and RMS Green Liner, and then Dark Skin and RMS Yellowed Bone.  I wanted to see how the Green Liner would work with the reddish brown of the Dark Skin; a bit of complementary shading as opposed to using a darker brown.

The wrappings are RMS Yellowed Bone and selectively washed with VMC Smoke.  I've done some preliminary shading with RMS Stained Ivory and picked out some highlights with Linen White.  The waist wrap is VMC Deck Tan, shaded with RMS Bone Shadow, and highlighted with RMS Leather White.

I was excited to see another follower has joined the ranks!  Hello and thank you for joining me, Thrym!  I've enjoyed his work over at the Reaper forums--he did a cool little "cut and reposition" project one of the Bones werewolves.  I've not had a chance to mess much with the Bones, but am definitely looking forward to doing some conversions/mods with the Vampire set I picked up a few months ago.

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