Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Something new, something old

I always have trouble finishing up the last part of a mini, perhaps the last 5-10%.  So it is with the hound; I'll get to him eventually, but for now I've set him aside.  I've set my eye on a mummy lord from Reaper's Dark Heavens.  I've made some progress on him far, with the stone ruin and desert base getting close to done aside from a bit more shading.  The remainder of him is just basecoated (incompletely...) to get an idea of how the colors are working.  The brown on the wrist bracers and on the head dress will be covered with gold.  I generally will get a fair bit of my non metallic down then "save it" with a shot of dullcoat before proceeding with the metallic.

Next off, a hearty welcome to Don Hans!  Thank you for joining me.  Don is new to the blogosphere as well.  He started off about the same time as I did, just a few months ago.  He has a love for all that is Old School and has a great collection of old Citadel minis that are very nicely painted.  I love seeing old minis get a nice paint job.  Check him out here: http://realmofcitadel.blogspot.com/.

Along those same lines, I came across the revamped website of a guy over at the Reaper forums named Darkstar.  He is a fantastic painter and does some incredible stuff with freehand.  He also is not afraid to shy away from the older sculpts and is currently working his way through a set of old Talisman models. Here is the link to his Tumblr page: http://darkstarminis.tumblr.com/.

Keeping up with the old school theme, I finally like to give everyone a heads up that the Goblin Aid miniatures are finally getting out.  As you may recall, Goblin Aid was a ground roots effort to support Kev Adams who is one of the giants of the sculpting world and is well known for his old school orcs and goblins.  He was severely injured in a home assault earlier this year and the sculpting community came together to create a rather large set of goblin miniatures with the proceeds going to help pay for his medical bills.  The "historical" and "modern" sets of goblins are out and can be purchased here at the Ral Partha Europe store: http://www.ralparthaeurope.co.uk/shop/goblinaid-c-123.html.