Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Games Day Germany finished

Wow!  Congratulations to Roman Lappat for his Slayer Sword at Games Day Germany.  The pictures are now beginning to roll in and it looks like the quality of the pieces this year was incredibly high.  Roman won this year with a massive diorama with over 127 minatures...I think that is more than I have painted in my life (and I am no spring chicken).

This upcoming weekend will be GenCon.  Best of luck to the painters headed out that way!

The past week has seen some work on a tutorial, a bit of prep work and the mummy is nearing completion.  I still need to do some more work on the metallics and fiddle with the OSL.  I'm not happy with it at all at the moment, especially the hand, but will keep at it. Once I have the paint where I would like it, I'll start in with the pigments to dirty him up.

Finally, hello and welcome to Walter for becoming a follower of my blog.  Thank you--I hope you enjoy your stay!

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