Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fancy photos and a new start

My apologies for being a day late--no excuse really, Tuesday just got away from me.

Congratulations to the winner at Gen Con over this past weekend.  Jessica Rich (Brushmistress) continues her winning ways, nabbing yet another Best in Show!  Lots of goodness came out of the weekend; I haven't seen as many pics on the web as I would like, but there have been a few making their way out there.

I did a bit of touch up work on the mummy to make the OSL more accurate and for the fun of it, photographed him on a black background to accentuate the OSL effect.  I think it came out well for a gaming miniature.

Now that the mummy is officially "done", I have started on my next model, which also will be more of a "high tabletop" quality range.  Obviously, the term is very subjective, but to me this means a simple standard size base with minimal frills, a good degree of highlighting/shading, and not futzing over every little blend.  I have the French Infantryman in the queue as my next "display" quality model and will be doing on the Sedition Wars nanozombies as well, which I also plan on being "high tabletop"
Kristianna is a boss for Reaper's Warlord game and belongs to the Crusaders faction.  My experiments on her are going to be more detailed freehand on the red as well as using inks on my metallics.  So far, she is for the most part just basecoated.  I don't typically start with the metallics as I do the highlighting and shading, but was really interested in seeing what the inks do with the metallics.  It has a ways to go yet, but I am liking the start of the back of the raised sword.  The sword of was based with VMA Silver.  I put down black ink in the recess of the blade to help with that strong contrast so vital to a convincing metal object.  The lower half of the sword was then painted with VMA Gunmetal and further shaded with thinned down black ink.  The shading on the top half of the sword was done with blue ink initially, followed by a blue/black ink mixture (best seen on the rear view of the raised sword).  The front half of the sword has the blue ink, but still needs the blue/black.  The lowered sword has also gotten the initial blue, although I think I am going to scrap that and added a bit of red and black ink to represent some reflected colors from the surrounding cloth.
The golds were based with RMS Russet Brown mixed with GW Shining Gold 1:1.  I have done some very preliminary shading with Purple Ink.


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