Monday, July 1, 2013

Like a kid in a candy store... (Part One)

After months of patient waiting, I got a number of surprises in the mail this past week.  My eagerly anticipated Massive Voodoo artbook arrived.

Well worth the wait!  The hardback book is 130 pages filled with high quality photos of Roman Lappat's and Raffaele Picca's miniature work from 2008 through 2012.  Huge amounts of inspiration!  With each piece, they also included a small write up which I very much enjoyed reading.  The second part of the package was the documentary booklet.  It is softback and includes 60 pages of work in progress photos, tutorials, and a massive (pun intended) step by step on Raffaele's Untold Honor, which won the Slayer Sword in Germany in 2012.
I also received my box of Reaper Bones!  Well worth the investment as well.  I easily managed to double my miniature horde with the box, much to my wife's chagrin.  I picked up a number of the larger add-ons in addition to the standard vampire pledge.  I'll break them out in the coming days to see how they fit together and make sure I didn't miss anything.

As if these two visits from the post man were not enough, I also got a couple of other unexpected surprises.  A friend of mine had gotten interested in playing Warhammer 40k a number of years ago.  I agreed to paint up an army of his choosing.  He didn't have a huge preference and wanted something that a newcomer could play fairly easily and that I would be interested in painting.  We agreed on starting a Nurgle Chaos army.  I painted up the first unit of plague marines and a chaos lord and things stalled out on both ends.  He never got into it, and I quickly discovered how difficult painting an army could be!  I found a tutorial online about magnetizing the rhinos and assigned him the task of magnetizing the various doors and hatches.  This past weekend he gave it back to me with the magnets in place!  He did an outstanding job on it.  I'll need to assemble it and glue it, but it's finally magnetized.

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