Monday, June 24, 2013

The hound continued...

It's been a slow painting week thus far, but I have been busy with the display base for the hound.  Tonight I was able to get a bit more done on him.  I decided to outline each of the horns with a lava effect which will help to set the horns off from the skin.  I've also elected to go with a blue-black for the skin to separate it from the horns which will be more of neutral black.  I should get some work done on the base this week as well.  It's got nothing but primer at the moment.

I'd encourage you to take a peek at this month's Portal issue.  Another good month and well worth a look.  It's got a nice article on skin tones by DPowell and a pair of interviews with a couple of stellar painters, Scott Hockley and Daniel Gutl:

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