Monday, June 17, 2013

Blog Tuesday

Well another week as rolled by!  Congratulations the winners at the 2013 Spring Angel event in Moscow.  By all reports the level of painting was outstanding!  I'll be looking forward to the pics popping up at CMoN, but in the meanwhile some preliminary stuff is beginning to appear.  The biggest collection of links I've found so far is over at Masterminis--

The winner of best in show at this event was Dmitry Fesechko with a beautiful diorama piece entitled "Surprise".  I was able to locate his website which has a large gallery of his works.  He paints a broad range of miniature subjects; fantasy, sci-fi, historicals and busts, as well as more traditional painting and digital art.  His website can be found here:  Check it out, be amazed, and do not break your brushes after seeing his work!

Congratulations to Tre Manor on hitting the goal and then some on his recent kickstarter.  I caved in the end and bought in as well.  I was able to restrain myself somewhat, but will be looking forward to seeing what he can sculpt up.

I also elected to lend my brush to the new Bloggers for Charity campaign.  The details are getting sorted out, but I'll be giving the historical side of the hobby a go for the first time.  Quite a while back, I had picked up one of Thunderbolt Mountain's French and Indian War pieces, but never got anywhere with it.  That's changed!  This one will warm me up for the Bloggers pieces and will also serve as a break for my work on the hound.  Not terribly much more than a basecoat except on the face at this point, but here's where I am at after an evening's work:

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