Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy Friday

Hello once again!  It's Friday and I hope everyone has some exciting plans for the weekend.  As for me, I'll be working.

I'd like to say welcome to two new followers, Anne and Legion Games.  Thank you both for joining along!

 Anne is from Ireland and has been blogging since 2011.  She is a fantastic photographer and miniature lover and quite funny with her posts, unlike myself...  She is well travelled in the blogosphere--if you have a chance, take a peek at her blog at

Legion Games, I wasn't able to pin down where you might be at on the web.  Let me know and I'll get a link up for you.

I have to say I'm a bit excited about crossing the 1000 view mark!  Now probably a 1/4 of those are me checking on who's checking on my blog and the another 50% are webcrawlers, but I'll pretend that they are all different people coming to visit my little site.

While perusing Anne's site, I stumble across another blog called Wargames and Railroads.  He is celebrating a birthday and is going at it Hobbit style--he's giving away presents!  He's got a nice stash to give away and the celebration is going on until May 29th.  Check it out at

I've not had much time to work on the goblin, but here's a where I'm at with his shield.  I think I took the picture of the shield upside down, though.  See how the top is a bit darker than the bottom?  Early on yet, but the basics are there.  I'll probably add some more highlights and take the shading deeper once the shield is on the arm.  The metallics still need a bit of work as well, again mostly to shade them down and reduce some of the rusting around the bolts.

And the true scale shot :)

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