Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blog of the week

Hello again!  I was a quiet weekend blogging wise--I unfortunately had to work this weekend.  However, Tuesday has arrived and it is time to highlight another blog!

This week I would like to showcase Miniature Fairy Tales.  As has become a growing trend, this is a compilation of several painters who are blogging collectively.  This nice from a viewer's standpoint in that the updates come more often as these four each post their individual works.  The crew that makes up Miniature Fairy Tales are Darkspawn, Sleipnir, Nathelis, and P1per.  They all are accomplished painters!  They have a wonderful collection of inspiring pieces in their gallery and a very nice set of tutorials!  Check them out at http://miniaturefairytales.blogspot.co.at/.

I was able to get a bit of painting in this weekend in addition to doing some prep work.  I've decided to take a crack at some of the Darksword miniatures.  They are finely sculpted and the ones I picked up have lots of details.  I chose The Mountain and The Hound from the GRRM Game of Thrones line.  The folks at Darksword were also generous enough to send me an extra miniature!  I received a female archer for free!  Jim Ludwig, the owner of Darksword, has always been quite generous with his business in my experience.  He supports a number of painting contests (ReaperCon and GenCon here in the United States) as well as online competitions.  He is currently supporting a Darksword competition over at WaMP with the top prize being $200 in Darksword credit!  Take a look at the contest here: http://www.wampforum.com/VB4/showthread.php?t=15374.  Time is running short on this one, though.

Anyway, enough of the chat.  Here is my work over the weekend.  The skintones on the goblin are largely done and I've done the lion's share on the spear as well.  He'll be armed with a shield as well, so the left forearm is intentionally left a bit undone.


  1. He's just fantastic. I really like the skin tones you're using on him. The colour choice for his clothing works very well with it.

  2. Thanks, Anne! I decided to go with a more blue-green instead of the standard green just for a change of pace. The recipe is as follows: a basecoat of RMS Highland Moss, shaded with VMC Dark Sea Blue and RMS Blue Liner, then highlighted with RMS Pale Lichen and RMS Linen White. The red accents on the ears and the spots on his head are VMC Black Red. I also glazed a bit of the Black Red into the deep creases between the fingers, the back of the knees and along the nasolabial folds of the face for some color interest.