Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kristianna--starting the freehand trim

Tuesday has arrived again--unfortunately, I was able to get precious little painting in this week.  The Figure Painter Magazine dropped earlier this week and work kept me pretty busy along with a quick trip out of town to visit family.

Ugh.  Freehand is hard.  Definitely not my forte, but something I want to get better on--so the only way to do that is get out the brush and do it. The additions are quite early on yet.  I've sketching in the trim everywhere I am going to put it.  The majority of it is just basecoated.  The back of the sleeve of the raised arm is the farthest along.  The idea was (is) to fleur-de-lys along on trim, but at this point it looks like three spikey points...I've got a little shading/highlighting started on the back sleeve.  I've been a bit frustrated so far on the sleeve because the fleur-de-lys pattern looks bad and on top of that, I fussed too much with the paint and it has gotten rough.  We'll see how she progresses.

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