Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cultist WIP #5 with a short tutorial

I hope everyone had a good week.  I've continued to plug away on the cultist.  I had a conversation with one of our local painter in facebook regarding rust, so I churned out a brief tutorial on how I was rusting the gun. First, the overall progress at this point:

As you can see, the majority of the areas are blocked in, with various stages of completion.  The hook and the skulls are not started and, although it is hard to tell, the pants aren't either.  They are so overshadowed by the stance of the miniature as well as the coat, that I don't think it will matter too terribly much what color I choose.
For the rusting on the metallics, I did the basecoat in VMA Gunmetal. I really like the VMA metallics and they are my favorite silver/steel metallics of everything I've tried. Next step is a quick wash of the old GW Devlan Mud. I think if you were looking for something super quick and more of a well used metal, you could stop here. The first step in the rusting is RMS Dark Skin dabbed on randomly. I went pretty light with it here, but you could go heavier if you were doing an older rust. Next is the workhorse of the rust effect, RMS Rust Brown. Applied it again randomly and rather heavy, concentrating in the recessed areas. The following pic was some RMS Clear Orange with a little bit of the Rust Brown added to tone it down just a bit. Definitely could stop here for an older, less used look. The final pic it I reapplied the orange a little more and then gently went back and dry brushed a little of the VMC gunmetal again to simulate areas where the rust had been knocked off. All in all, it's a relatively quick process (at least for the speed at which I paint...).

This week's goal will be to begin work on the coat.


  1. Thanks for the gun close ups - it turned out darn nice!
    Whole model is just solid piece of paintjob actually.