Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mini ADD strikes again

As happens not infrequently, I got distracted once again from my current projects by another project. I do tend to cycle through various projects and will usually have several things going at once.  This particle project is part of a group project at my LGS.  One of the guys offered up the chaos cultists from the Dark Vengence 40k set released earlier this year by GW for anyone to paint.  I picked one out and decided to do some conversion work which was quite fun.  I made him into the war band communication specialist and added a backpack with some antennae.  He'll be a follower of Nurgle, so will be nice and grungy.

I have another couple of items in the queue as well; another Reaper called the Hound of Judgement and a bit of pulp goodness from a new(ish) company called Blackball Games.  They took over the rights (if I understand correctly) to the AE-WWII line.  I will be doing a sort of paint-a-long/SBS on one of their American Rocket Troopers.  Should be fun!

The second creative event is underway over at Ian Newbold's site.  They are taking entries until October 31st.  It's for a great cause, so go ahead and enter!  You can find the link on my charitable projects page.

Goblinaid continues apace as well.  I think there are 43 goblins available for purchase!  They can be purchased individually or in packs.  I'm continuing to hold off as there are yet more goblins coming!  Again, check out my charitable projects page for the link.

I would also encourage you to check out Anne O'Leary's page as well.  She is in the middle of a very nice give away contest!  You can find her page at http://fortwitter.blogspot.com/.

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