Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'm baaack!

Had a nice little getaway to see the family and I returned on Sunday and was ready to get back to the blog and brush.  I had a wonderful couple of surprises for me in the mail box when I arrived home.  The first was the Arielle I ordered from Guild of Harmony--she's a new sculpt from the amazing Sebastian Archer.  Arielle is a steampunk version of  Disney's mermaid princess, Ariel.  The detailing on her is incredible!

I was also stunned by one Mr. James Brewerton over at Exiles Wargames Painter blog.  He had run a little celebration contest over at his blog to commemorate 3 years of blogging.  I was fortunate to win a prize.  I selected a group of 28mm historical from the Zulu wars.  I was fully expecting to get some unpainted lead to give the historicals a try in addition to the F&IW piece I had picked up from Thunderbolt Miniatures.  To my great delight, these were PAINTED!  Excellent detail on them and based on heavy 2 pence pieces as well.  Thanks so much to James for his generosity; I was really pleased by these and am looking forward to getting my pieces to paint up for the "Bloggers for Charity" event.

Along those lines, the Goblinaid miniatures are beginning to be released.  The first set of goblins will be the "historicals".  Take a look at them over at Ral Partha Europe: http://www.ralparthaeurope.co.uk/shop/goblinaid-the-historical-ones-c-123_124.html
I think the Napoleonic goblin and the goblin gent are my favorite of the bunch.  I'm planning on purchasing some of these once the various sets are out, but will hold off for now so I can bundle the shipping costs.

One of my readers had asked about a blow up frontal shot on the hound; here you go!

Not quite as visually pleasing to me.  The lava cracks on the shoulders along with the bright highlights on the facial horns creates a lot of stimulation to look at.
Finally, the next issue of Figure Painter Magazine is out!  You can download it here: http://www.figurepaintermagazine.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=33&product_id=54
Finally, for you competitors, WaMP is running several contests at the moment.  The most recent is Red Box Games.  Looking forward to seeing what everyone will come up with! http://www.wampforum.com/VB4/showthread.php?t=15887


  1. Wow! Fire-dog looks excellent from the front... you've got the heat effect spot on :)