Saturday, June 15, 2013

More talk, less paint

Just a quick heads up that Figure Painter Magazine issue number 2 is out!  They have expanded the content and it has a number of tutorials this time around as well as loads of great models.

Good luck to all the participants in the Spring Angel event in Moscow this weekend.  I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out of that competition!

Finally, I came across another charity which I have added to my charitable events page.  This is a US based event that stemmed out of the a grow con here in Washington, DC.  The NOVA open was started several years ago and has rapidly grown in size.  A group of gamers/painters decided to put together a foundation in conjunction with this event.  This year, they are doing a raffle of three armies (Dark Angels, Necron, and Khador) to raise funds for Doctors without Borders, The Fischer House Foundation which provides assistance to military families, and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  You can purchase the raffle tickets through their website and don't have to be present to win!  Check it out at

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