Friday, May 3, 2013

The work continues...

I'm continuing to add blogs to the list.  I also have gotten a few followers!  Thanks to Zaphod, Inso, Mr. Miniature Heroes, and Master Rozzell for joining me on this little journey.

I've posted up my first tutorial, which is a step by step on the construction of my first display style base.  It was for the Gentleman Scavenger for the Miniature Heroes online contest from a few years ago.  It was great fun doing and really sparked my interest in display basing.  I will be adding more tutorials in the coming days/weeks.  I've also set up the gallery, although it is still under contruction.

I wanted to show a relatively recently completed mini I sent off as a gift to a couple of great folks I met at ReaperCon last month.  I had known Sanael and Nissiana for some time on the Reaper forums, but finally got the opportunity to meet them both at the Con.  They are both active DM's and so I asked if they might have use for a 4 armed Alien-esque critter in their respective campaigns and they did me the honor of giving a home to this little fella.  I hope he serves them well....


  1. This guy is so great in the hand...the blends are so smooth! Can't wait to see him terrorize the battle board :)

  2. So glad you like him. I can't wait to hear to battle reports :)