Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New hobby magazine makes its debut

Good morning!  It's been a great week for the hobby world.  First Portal was released yesterday and now a new online hobby magazine call Figure Painter Magazine is releasing its inaugural issue!  I took a look and it's extremely well done.  I was very impressed.  There is a cool interview with Karol Rudyk and lots of fantastically done models.  I was honored with an article in this issue as well, which I am very excited about!  I did an article on how I constructed the diorama base for my Dark Carnival piece, going through my thought process during the project as well as a rundown of the materials I used.  I wish Shane the very best as he starts out on this new project.  Please take a look at the magazine here:

Congratulations as well to the winners of the Miniature Figure Collectors of America show (MFCA) this past weekend near Philadelphia.  I didn't realize it until recently, but apparently this is usually a fairly large contingent of European painters that make it over to the States for this show.  I'll have to put it on my list of things to do!  Here is a very extensive collection of pics from the show:

Good news regarding Goblinaid as well.  It looks like they are getting pretty close to releasing all the models that have been sculpted over the past few months.  There are also some auctions currently going of Kev Adams past works that are being sold to help assist him with his medical bills.!/pages/Goblinaid/582169528462833

Next up, hello and welcome to Nameless!  I am so glad he has joined my little blog.  He was a great help as I put together my Dark Carnival piece, offering suggestions and critiques along the way.  He is a fellow blogger as well and his site can be found at  He has a broad taste in miniatures and is currently working his way through a Nurgle WH40k army.  He is also author of Between the Lines, a series of funny articles over at Chest of Colors:

The work on the Nurgle marines also continues apace: