Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Last of the tutorials

Ok, so I've caught up on all my old tutorials.  There are a couple more in the pipeline, but you'll have to wait on those.  I've also added a charitable projects tab.  I'll add and remove to that as projects come and go.  If there is something going on that I have not listed, let me know and I'll be happy to put it up on the page.

Finally, one more blast from the past. 

This is a miniature I painted for my wife a few years ago.  It is Reaper's Jolie, the scribe.  The scroll was scratch built and it was my first go at a marbled floor.  The Korean in the book means "wisdom".




  1. Goodness, that gold against the red is certainly eye-popping! Both the NMM and the red are really nicely blended (the gold almost changes my feelings about NMM in general!). Do you still have the recipe for the reds? I really enjoy painting the color, but mine still always comes out burgundy or orange, not that great primary color.

  2. Glad you like her, Adam. The red was based with RMS Blood Red, then shaded with RMS Clotted Red, Carnage Red, Bloodstain Red, and finally Red Liner for the deepest shadows. I then highlighted with RMS Clear Red and Clear Orange. I typically will have more of a midtone for my basecoat, but with the reds, I find it easier to start with a lighter red and shade down then trying to highlight more.