Sunday, May 5, 2013

Another tutorial!

One more tutorial is up and running.  This is one of my older ones, but it was one of the turning points in my painting.  I prefer this style of true metallic painting (TMM).  It was pioneered (at least in my mind) by Seb Archer, also known as Automaton over at CMoN.  This tutorial summarizes my technique in a six step process. 

Welcome to my two new followers, Precinct Omega and Fabio Vollono!  I hope you enjoy your stay here and find some useful bits of information visiting here.  Precinct Omega is a great little operation in the UK.  He runs One Pound Wargames.  Check out his site here:  Fabio is there anything I can plug for you? 

For a bit of eye candy, here is a zombie I painted up earlier this year for WaMP's Red Box Games online contest.  I've always loved this pack of models sculpted by Tre Manor--they really capture the broken, shuffling gait of the dead to me.


  1. No plugging at the moment. But thank you for ASKING. LOVE THE ZOMBIE :)

  2. Glad you like the zombie, Fabio! RBG makes great ones. Be sure and let me know if you need a plug in the future!