Thursday, April 25, 2013

Another beginning

I've decided to catch up to the rest of the world and start my own little spot on the interweb.  I hope to be a source of inspiration and resource for anyone who wanders over here.  My goal is to post semiregularly items that I paint both completed (or more likely as works in progress).  I also hope to serve as a resource for the many amazing websites out there dedicated to the miniature painting hobby I've grown to love in my 40+ years.  I will occassionally do some tutorials as well and I plan on doing an occassional interview or two if anyone will answer my questions!

Here we go....


  1. First! :D

    Have fun with your blog, Sean! Blogging is quite addictive as you will find.

    Set up Google Analytics for your site and you will never leave your PC again :D

  2. Thank you Mr. President! I look forward to it. I hope we can join forces one day in the Revolution :).